What is Frogged?

The term "frogging" in knitting is used to describe the act of unravelling a knitted item in order to reuse the yarn. From that small idea Frogged grew and grew to encompass using any recycled materials.

I started off making crochet and knitted hats from old jumpers and selling them at craft fairs around the country. Since then I have expanded my range to include paper bead jewellery and reworked ties. I can now be found in a shed at the Isle of Skye Market Square in sunny Scotland and selling on-line here.

I am always looking for new crafts to discover and new materials to recycle. Take a look at my creations - if you have any suggestions they are always welcome, you can email me here: jam@frogged.co.uk or like me on Facebook and comment there (links on top right side of this site).

Who am I?

I am Jam, I live in a camper-van with my partner at the back of a friends backpackers hostel on the Isle of Skye, I divide my time between being crafty, helping out at the hostel and feeling lucky to be alive.

I can be contacted at jam@frogged.co.uk

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