13 February 2012

Monday - Back to work

Not for me. . . I haven't stopped working this weekend.

At the moment the managers are having a wee holiday from the hostel so me and Chris are in charge for a bit! Thankfully it is still quiet at the moment here so it's not been very hard. 

I have also been very busy with my Etsy.com shop, I have uploaded 23 items so far, nothing has sold yet but I am working on it. I have however been featured in a treasury!

You can see the treasury here

It is scary how much time I spend on etsy at the moment, I hope it pays off! When I was not looking at lovely things on etsy I was attempting to make a tutorial video, showing how I make my beads. I haven't done any video editing since Uni (almost 5 years ago now!) and I am a bit rusty!

This is the first wee test!

In a moment of procrastination I did something I had been putting of for weeks. I saw a tutorial somewhere (google can't find it) of a business card holder made from a old book. It's super simple just folding the pages. . . One and a half hours later and here we have it!

It is not finished, I am still working on making it into a desk tidy by folding pages from another book into tubes and fixing them on. . . somehow. . .

Anyway enough random rambling from me.
Have a good Monday!

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