13 February 2012

Monday - Back to work

Not for me. . . I haven't stopped working this weekend.

At the moment the managers are having a wee holiday from the hostel so me and Chris are in charge for a bit! Thankfully it is still quiet at the moment here so it's not been very hard. 

I have also been very busy with my Etsy.com shop, I have uploaded 23 items so far, nothing has sold yet but I am working on it. I have however been featured in a treasury!

You can see the treasury here

It is scary how much time I spend on etsy at the moment, I hope it pays off! When I was not looking at lovely things on etsy I was attempting to make a tutorial video, showing how I make my beads. I haven't done any video editing since Uni (almost 5 years ago now!) and I am a bit rusty!

This is the first wee test!

In a moment of procrastination I did something I had been putting of for weeks. I saw a tutorial somewhere (google can't find it) of a business card holder made from a old book. It's super simple just folding the pages. . . One and a half hours later and here we have it!

It is not finished, I am still working on making it into a desk tidy by folding pages from another book into tubes and fixing them on. . . somehow. . .

Anyway enough random rambling from me.
Have a good Monday!

10 February 2012

Foto Friday

I have not quite got the hang of this blogging thing. I have been busy making new items for my shop and very, very good at putting off writing new posts. In an effort to make it easier for me to get on with it I have come up with a Post Plan!

Today is now Foto Friday! I was inspired by Vivid's Wordless Wednesday so as of next week I will not write anything on a friday just show a selection of photos from the past week. Here is my test run...

New from Black Dog Displays
Market last year, now planning next year!

04 February 2012

Rain, rain go away, come again some other day!

I got a bit of cabin fever this morning, it seems like the rain never stops sometimes. So as soon as the clouds lifted a bit I ran out with camera in hand.

I thought it would be nice to show my walk to the post office and back (I went back the long way to take in the bay)

         Back home the long way!