15 January 2012


In my effort to be as green as possible I make all my tags myself. So far I have been using a stack of card that my dad was going to throw out. I cut it to size, stamp it then use pinking shears to trim it into fat triangles like so..

What do I do with the off cuts you ask? They are in a box in my workshop... waiting for me to figure out something to do with them.

Well, last night YouTube gave me the answer, I am going to make my own paper for the tags, using the cut off's, and the masses of paper the hostel goes through each day. I stumbled across this video by Arnold Grummer after two glasses of wine he is kinda funny. I wonder if I can add some food colouring or plant dye to make them interesting colours?

Now I need to beg or borrow some mesh, wood and a big tray, wish me luck!

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