23 January 2012

Now time for some serious blogging

I think it is time I put more on here than just posts about my site and the Give Away.

So earlier on today I sat down and started to write a serious post about how to reduce waste in normal life by reusing things... but I got taken on a Google tangent, which morphed it into a post about how much you can buy that is already recycled or re-purposed, which you can then recycle again!

It all got a bit confusing and Chris came in and told me I had been staring at a computer screen too long, so should come make dinner. Which we did and it was lovely (a raw blended vegetable sauce on top of quinoa and salad).

Straight after dinner I resolve to bash out this post, well maybe I should tidy the camper-van first. Ooh and refill the water powered clock, it lasted about 3 months before it gave up but just needed a wee rinse and some fresh water with, a hint of lemon, get her going again. 

I have had a very productive this evening, but not in the way I intended it to be. To get past my writers block I resolve to write what ever come into my head. Like when you stare at a blank piece of paper, too scared to draw anything encase you mess it up, you should draw a line or make a smudge, just to get past that fear.

Which brings us up to now, I have managed to write a post but only about how I have failed to write one. I guess this will be the first baby step to writing a proper interesting post with photos and content! I might even finish one of the post I started earlier...

Good night x

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