14 January 2012

New Year

Another year has flew by, the summer was madness, a full hostel almost every night and selling on the market every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then came the Christmas market, they where a bit cold (think hail storms on xmas eve!) but still very good fun! Mine is the first shed in the photo, I promise there where more people later on that day!

All this has meant I have sadly neglected my website and on-line shop, so as the market is now closed until it get a bit warmer I have time to get my self sorted, roll out some idea's for new designs and make stock for the summer.

I have updated my website and changed my logo so I ordered a new stamp to make tags and a stamp making set so I can tailor the text on each one. I hope this will come in handy with my 100% recycled gift idea, recycled wrapping paper, tag and present! But that is still in development, so I won't say any more.


  1. Great, wee Jammie, looking forward to the new designs etc. My Frogged woolly hat was just the thing today...I can still feel myears :)) xx

  2. Hey Jan! Your hat is one of my new styles, any comments or suggestions? Can you send me a photo of you in the hat?