27 January 2012

Workshop Clean up and recycled display!

It took me and the lovely Eva all day yesterday to get my workshop into some kind of workable space.  I must stay it was a very nice feeling to come up here this morning and be able to put down my cup of tea with out having to move something off the table to the chair or floor!!

Also I am very pleased with my new display bust from the people over at Black Dog, I found them on eBay the other day and it came yesterday!  They say;

 'Our contemporary stands are made from recycled paper with a paper mache base and a twisted paper twine surface.' 

It feels nice and light but still sturdy, prefect for taking to markets and I am very happy to have found good quality recycled displays! Today will be spent re-photographing all my necklaces. I also stole their idea a wee bit and made a bracelet display with a two toilet rolls covered in some twine I had lying around, I hope they don't mind! 

I wonder I if can get them to make me a head to show my hats? Hint Hint...

Sorry for the bad webcam photos, charging the nice camera at the moment for today's photo-shot!

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