28 January 2012

How to take great photos of your handmade products

When you are selling your handmade crafts on Etsy, Folksy, eBay or wherever, the quality and content of the product photography will make or break a sale. Even before people look at the title or description they have judged the picture and decided if they want to find out more and possibly buy it.

I have always known this to be true but today it was proven to me! The photo I put up last week of my handmade necklaces where taken in a bit of a rush, just to get something up there. They are OK,  but not quite right. I was going for a handmade, improvised, panicky look...

Old rushed photo

Today I set up a light box in my workshop and using my new bust from black dog, I then took all the recycled bead necklace photos again! I then uploaded them to my shop on Folksy and as usual shared it on Facebook and Twitter. An hour later, while still editing more photos... The first necklace SOLD!

New photo

How to take great photos of your handmade products

  • Lights
  • Camera
  • Edit
  • Kiss

27 January 2012

Workshop Clean up and recycled display!

It took me and the lovely Eva all day yesterday to get my workshop into some kind of workable space.  I must stay it was a very nice feeling to come up here this morning and be able to put down my cup of tea with out having to move something off the table to the chair or floor!!

Also I am very pleased with my new display bust from the people over at Black Dog, I found them on eBay the other day and it came yesterday!  They say;

 'Our contemporary stands are made from recycled paper with a paper mache base and a twisted paper twine surface.' 

It feels nice and light but still sturdy, prefect for taking to markets and I am very happy to have found good quality recycled displays! Today will be spent re-photographing all my necklaces. I also stole their idea a wee bit and made a bracelet display with a two toilet rolls covered in some twine I had lying around, I hope they don't mind! 

I wonder I if can get them to make me a head to show my hats? Hint Hint...

Sorry for the bad webcam photos, charging the nice camera at the moment for today's photo-shot!

24 January 2012

Give away - Again

I have had feedback that my Handmade Recycled GiveAway was too hard! So I have relaxed the rules (sorry Del who won fair and square)!

Now all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of the goodies below is post this:

(Your name) has a (your head size..small/medium/large) jazz band and (your wrist size in cms) cricket players round for tea tonight.

on frogged facebook (link is to the right of this)!

You can do it!!

23 January 2012

Now time for some serious blogging

I think it is time I put more on here than just posts about my site and the Give Away.

So earlier on today I sat down and started to write a serious post about how to reduce waste in normal life by reusing things... but I got taken on a Google tangent, which morphed it into a post about how much you can buy that is already recycled or re-purposed, which you can then recycle again!

It all got a bit confusing and Chris came in and told me I had been staring at a computer screen too long, so should come make dinner. Which we did and it was lovely (a raw blended vegetable sauce on top of quinoa and salad).

Straight after dinner I resolve to bash out this post, well maybe I should tidy the camper-van first. Ooh and refill the water powered clock, it lasted about 3 months before it gave up but just needed a wee rinse and some fresh water with, a hint of lemon, get her going again. 

I have had a very productive this evening, but not in the way I intended it to be. To get past my writers block I resolve to write what ever come into my head. Like when you stare at a blank piece of paper, too scared to draw anything encase you mess it up, you should draw a line or make a smudge, just to get past that fear.

Which brings us up to now, I have managed to write a post but only about how I have failed to write one. I guess this will be the first baby step to writing a proper interesting post with photos and content! I might even finish one of the post I started earlier...

Good night x

21 January 2012


I have hit the 100 likes mark now on facebook

-does happy dance-

Thank you all and keep up the good work!

But so far only one person has won any of my recycled goodies.... it's surprisingly hard to give free things away!

20 January 2012

Welcome - GiveAway

 Welcome to my new and improved site.

If you have been keeping up with me on facebook, twitter and my blog, you will know that to celebrate the big relaunch of my website and new logo, I am having a recycled GiveAway.

 So how do you get your hands on some free recycled goodies?


Step 1: Like me on Facebook (if you don't already) and follow this Blog.

Step 2: Get as many friends as you can to go onto my Facebook and like Frogged, then get them to post this on my wall on your behalf:

(Your name) has a (your head size..small/medium/large) jazz band and (your wrist size in cms) cricket players round for tea tonight.

Step 3: Keep an eye on Facebook and I will announce the winners soon.

The more friends you bribe the better chance you have of getting one of the recycled goodies in the post below this. 

-- Also check out http://folksy.com/shops/Frogged as I am listing all my stock right now --

T minus TWO hours

Its been a frantic day getting everything photographed and new tags made for a the different recycled materials. Now with two hours to go I can show you all what I am giving away!

5x Tie Bracelets, each one will be cut to fit the winner wrist. The green one is a example to show how they will look.

3x Magazine bead bracelets, these are on elastic so easily fit most writs.

1x Frogged Hat, it is a slouchy hat that can fit all your hair, the flower has a button on the back so it can be moved or removed!

19 January 2012

GiveAway hint

The clock is quickly counting down to the re-launch tomorrow night and the GiveAway of joy. So to give you a  small hint about what I will ask you to do, here is a materials list to help you tomorrow at 7pm:

Measuring tape, Facebook and Blogger.


18 January 2012

Tags - Part 2

 Here it is, the new label. The text on the back will be changed to fit all my different items, I am also now able to do custom text with my amazing stamping set.

Anything you would like to see on the lable? leave a message below, thanks.


To get my website relaunch off with a bang I am having a give-away! Here are the prizes:

1x Hat
2x Magazine bead bracelets
5x Tie bracelets

Now what do you have to do to get your hands on one of these?
Be one of the first 8 to follow the instructions on the home page of my relaunched website on Friday, I promise it won't be hard.

Keep your eyes peeled for updated and photo of the prizes here, on facebook and Twitter @frogged42

Thank you and follow me!

15 January 2012


In my effort to be as green as possible I make all my tags myself. So far I have been using a stack of card that my dad was going to throw out. I cut it to size, stamp it then use pinking shears to trim it into fat triangles like so..

What do I do with the off cuts you ask? They are in a box in my workshop... waiting for me to figure out something to do with them.

Well, last night YouTube gave me the answer, I am going to make my own paper for the tags, using the cut off's, and the masses of paper the hostel goes through each day. I stumbled across this video by Arnold Grummer after two glasses of wine he is kinda funny. I wonder if I can add some food colouring or plant dye to make them interesting colours?

Now I need to beg or borrow some mesh, wood and a big tray, wish me luck!

14 January 2012

Sneak peek

I thought I would give you all a sneak peek at my new logo before my site goes live...


Good night

New Year

Another year has flew by, the summer was madness, a full hostel almost every night and selling on the market every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then came the Christmas market, they where a bit cold (think hail storms on xmas eve!) but still very good fun! Mine is the first shed in the photo, I promise there where more people later on that day!

All this has meant I have sadly neglected my website and on-line shop, so as the market is now closed until it get a bit warmer I have time to get my self sorted, roll out some idea's for new designs and make stock for the summer.

I have updated my website and changed my logo so I ordered a new stamp to make tags and a stamp making set so I can tailor the text on each one. I hope this will come in handy with my 100% recycled gift idea, recycled wrapping paper, tag and present! But that is still in development, so I won't say any more.