04 March 2010

Flickr: Jumpers & Jamboree's Photostream

Flickr: Jumpers & Jamboree's Photostream

photos from the event! im in there somewhere!

So I had to head back to Scotland to meet a friend from Sweden. We had a great weekend and went for a mammoth walk along the loch.

A week later I was on facebook when I spotted my friend Lauren was going to the Jumpers and Jamboree, I thought it looked fun, but when I noticed it was being organised by my old neighbour and friend of my wee bro, I knew I had to go.

So I did, it was a amazing night, totally packed for 3 hours, I sold loads of hats and made orders. I even won the raffle twice, a cute notebook and a case of red bull!

I hope they do it again soon!

So London went well. It was a cold but fun day, the guy on the stall next to me put up with my mindless rambling and even posed for a photo for me!

Next time I would love to go for a few days!